I'm working as a freelance designer alongside my other part time job. I did Graphics for A-Level and IT and Product Design for GCSE. I am combining all of these subjects by doing a combination of web design, graphic design and photography. I'm Bristol based, and I love being in Bristol because it is packed full of local artists who love creativity as much as I do. It is a great place to be in terms of exploring your ambitions and making your hobbies your career.


What do I do?

I make stationery products; greetings cards, calendars, notebook cover designs, pen designs, calendars, etc. Hopefully, I will be able to expand on my creations to more exciting and challenging products such as key rings and notebooks in the near future.

How do I create my products?

I take photographs, open Photoshop and edit them and make them something that is unique. I use typography to lay over the photograph and play around with fonts. I usually go for more modern fonts, since those are the most aesthetically pleasing, but I like to include traditional fonts if it fits the design. I then print onto card, do the necessary folds and cuttings, and voila! It's a finished product.


Thank you for taking a look at my website, it means a lot! Feel free to browse, take a look at my previous work, and see what I love doing!


If you can, please leave a bit of feedback (which can be found on the Contact page). It will be very useful for me, and will let me know what you love and what could be improved.


Thanks again,


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